What is Nanotips?

Nanotips is a conductive liquid polyamide solution that will transform your favorite pair of gloves into touchscreen gloves. Formulated using nanotechnology, Nanotips mimics the touch of the human skin.

What are TAPS?

TAPS is a conductive sticker that will transform any glove into touch screen gloves. Formulated using Nanotips, TAPS is designed to mimic the human touch, and even has it’s own unique pattern that can be used by Touch ID sensors.

How do I apply Nanotips?

Nanotips is a simple 3 step process. Shake, Apply, and Dry. Check out our instructional video!

How do I apply TAPS?

TAPS can easily be applied. Remove the sticker from the packaging, and stick to your glove. Check out our instructional video!

How long does each application last?

Each application is semi-permanent. It can last from several weeks to months depending on the usage of your gloves. If you start to notice the functionality wearing off simply re-apply Nanotips, or grab a new TAPS!

Will the solution damage my gloves?

The liquid solution will not alter the texture of your gloves. Nanotips Black is black in color while Nanotips blue is 90% transparent with a 10% sky-blue hue. We recommend that you test in an inconspicuous area of lighter colored gloves before applying to visible areas. Nanotips can be removed using nail polish remover.

Will TAPS damage my gloves?

TAPS has been designed to be removed after it has lost functionality. It was created using one of 3M®’s strongest removable adhesives and should not damage your gloves should you choose to remove TAPS.

What material can Nanotips/TAPS be applied to?

Nanotips and TAPS can be applied to all types of materials. We have formulated 2 solutions of Nanotips to match everyone’s lifestyles. Check out our products page to see the difference between our products!

How many gloves can I transform?

We put enough liquid in each bottle to treat up to 15 fingers in Nanotips Blue, and 30 in our Black bottles! Keep it for yourself or share it with your friends and family!  One package of TAPS contain 4 individual and unique touch screen stickers.

Why not just buy touchscreen gloves?

If you own gloves already, chances are you’re not in the market for new ones. What makes Nanotips & TAPS so great is that they can be applied to all different types of gloves so you can use the gloves you love.

Are the gloves washable?

Yes, you can throw it in the wash! And don’t worry, if Nanotips ever fades, you can always re-apply it. One bottle treats multiple gloves!